Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting ready for a Fall Craft Festival

This coming weekend (Oct 16t) I'll be driving down to Owings, Maryland to take part in the Fall Festival which I'm really excited about. I have been busy making up lots more cards for birthdays, babies, weddings, get well, sympathy, Christmas, holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween and note cards for all occasions.
I'm hoping that its going to be a great success for everyone there and I'm looking forward to meeting the other crafters that will be there too. I'd like to do lots more craft fairs as getting out and meeting people is such fun and also showing them my cards.
Here is a selection of some of the cards that I will be taking to the Festival with me this weekend.

Look forward to seeing you here. 10-4pm, Shore Living, 8015 Southern Maryland Blvd, Owings, MD.

Giant Cup Cakes and Cheese Burgers!

I've been busy in the kitchen this past couple of weeks and everythings turned out giant size! First I made a fun giant cupcake cake for a friend and then this week I made a giant cheese burger cake for my husbands birthday.

The cupcake cake was made of vanilla sponge and I used my new silicon cupcake cake mold to bake it in, which was so easy. No sculpting needed.

Once the cake had cooled I sliced the bottom part into three and layered it with vanilla buttercream and resticked to form the base. I did the same with the top part and then put everything back together and crumb coated everything with a layer of chocolate buttercream.

To create the paper case I rolled out white fondant into a large circle and then placed the cake in the center of it and carefully pulled up the sides to adhere to the cake. I tied a pretty gold ribbon around the cake to help keep the fondant from falling down.
For the topping I piped chocolate buttercream around the cake and added giant sprinkles made of different colored fondant pieces.

Looks like I need a bigger mug of tea to go with this cupcake!

Next up was to create a birthday cake for my husband. For this cake I divided my carrot cake mixture into three cake pans., two nine inch pans and one 8 inch pan. Once cooled I covered the two nine inch cakes with vanilla cream cheese buttercream and a layer of light brown fondant to resemble the buns!
I rolled out some green, yellow and red fondant and cut them into shapes to represent the cheese, lettuce and tomato and layed them on top of the bottom burger bun.
For the burger, I covered the remaining 8 inch carrot cake with chocolate buttercream as I wanted it to have a rought texture like a burger. This was stacked on top of the bottom layer, with some additional cream cheese butter cream in between each layer to hold everything together. The top 'bun' is added and decorated with little dark brown sesame seeds made of brown fondant.
Lastly I cut out some letters from green fondant to decorate the board. Now all Clive needs is a giant side of french fries and a hearty appetite!