Sunday, November 14, 2010

Striking New Display Cake

I have lots of ideas for new cakes I want to try and I don't always want to have to eat them, so I decided to make one using a polystyrene 'dummy' cake, so that I can keep my little work of art for a while and save on a few hundred calories too!

I started by covering the 6 inch cake dummy with red fondant. I've just started to use the buttercream fondant made by Ace of Cakes as it is great to work with a tastes really good too. Once the cake was covered and smoothed, I rolled out some black fondant and used 4 different flower cutters to cut out 90 flowers in assorted sizes and shapes.

Using a ball tool and sponge I bagan to shape the flowers by thining out the petals and placing the flowers into curved flower former trays to dry. Once dry I gave them a quick dusting with some sparkle powder and piped a small dot of white icing in the center of each flower.

Using a pair of tweezers I place between one and four pearlescent sugar beads in the middle of each flower and allowed them to dry. To decorate the base of the cake I rolled white fondant into balls and cut in half, placed them in a ziploc pot with some shimmer powder and rolled them around until all coated, then used ising to adhere each to the base of the cake.

To fix the flowers to the cake I used white icing and placed a small dot on each flower, starting with the largest flowers first and working through the other sizes, filling in the gaps on the cake. I ended up using 84 flowers on the cake!

Now I get to enjoy looking at my piece of art!

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