Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Card Cake Box

I'm always trying out new things and so when I was asked to make a wedding cake card box for an upcoming wedding I jumped at the chance.

After studying similar items on the web I set to work and used three sturdy boxes for my project. I had fun in the fabric store looking for the ideal fabric to cover the boxes and found some beautiful brown velvet fabric and a luxury satin burgundy fabric that matched the wedding theme perfectly.

I enjoy wrapping presents so this was kind of similar although the floaty fabric was a bit harder to handle than paper but with an extra pair of hands I managed to get the job done. I finished the boxes off with some decorative ribbon around the lids and the whole thing is hekd together with a bright gold ribbon. It will have a big bow on top which I have to make yet!

I wonder what project will be next?

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