Friday, May 22, 2009

Where do I get inspiration from?

When I'm making cards, sometimes the inspiration comes from the person who is going to receive the card, something they like, a hobby perhaps or the ocassion itself. Sometimes for the other cards I make when there isn't a particular person in mind my inspiration can come from almost anywhere.

For example the other day while doing a spot of 'spring cleaning' I got inspired to make some new home cards based on my lovely red front door. I did a quick sketch of how the card would look, and then went about finding the suitable materials to make the card. I made myself a template which I used to cut out the half moon windows in my 'door' and then used some clear plastic that I've had for ages (you see all those things you keep do come in usefull at some point!) to attach behind the cut out for my 'glass'.

To add some dimension to the door I cut out three rectangles of the same color card and mounted them to the front using foam tape, added a little gold door handle, and you've got a lovely looking little front door card, ideal for new home owners!

Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything, a word, an item, a person, or even a smell. You've just got to keep your senses open and your mind free!

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