Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Madness Day 22 - Springtime and Support our Troops

Springtime is really here and now there seems to be so much to be done in the garden. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours clearing away some dead plants and leaves to uncover my spring bulbs which were hidden in the debris.  Its lovely to see some fresh green growth back in the borders after what seems like a long winter. It always amazes me how the delicate plants survive the winter with afew feet of heavy snow on top of them.

On a recent trip to Lowes I had to stop myself looking at all the plants as Lowes garden center has the same effect as Michaels does on me and I'll come home with a car full of plants if I'm not supervised!

I think afew more hours of yard work is on the agenda again today, and I've learnt by past experience that a little often goes alot further than a marathon session and not being able to move for a week after!  Looks like its going to be a nice day too, so as the saying goes 'make hay while the sun shines'

As for my card for today I've made up afew more support the troops cards and will be making some birthday cards too for the soldiers etc.  Every day on the news I hear of yet another war breaking out across the globe and it makes you think about all of the lives lost every day.

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