Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Madness - Day 8 - Flock of Song Birds

Following the day of rain on Sunday, then snow on Monday, today it's looking a bit more like spring with the sun in the sky and birds chirping in the tree's.
With this in mind I decided to make some bird theme cards for todays part of the challenge, and ended up making four cards! Well one on it's own would be kind of lonely so I made a whole flock of bird cards.
I love using bright colorful card and paper, and when I can use the card for the background and also cut out part of it to make the accent, it's even better. I'm quite nifty using a pair of scissors to cut out shapes and for the really tricky bits, like between the birds tiny feet, I use my trusty knife.
I can just hear these cards chirping with the joys of spring!

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